AOAA Rules

In order to keep your riding experience safe and family friendly, we ask that you follow our trail rules.

Failure to comply with the rules, regulations, and safe operating procedures may result in arrest, fines, temporary or permanent banning from using the area or participating in any future activities or events, and may result in forfeiture of any permit costs or other costs already paid to the AOAA.





  1. All visitors to the AOAA must check-in at the Welcome Center before using the area.

    ·         All trail users must have a valid AOAA Permit.

    ·         Proof of insurance must be carried at all times

  2. We recommend having DCNR registration on ATV”s & SxS’s (DIRT BIKES CAN’T BE REGISTERED)

  3. All riders and passengers must complete and sign the liability waiver.

  4. At least one person in each riding group must have a charged and working cell phone in their possession.

    • GPS or location smart phone app recommended (ex: MAPRIKA app).

  5. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the AOAA property.

  6. The terrain is constantly changing. Check each hill. Ride all trails with caution.

  7. Annual Permits do not include admission to special events.

  8. All vehicles must operate in a manner to avoid incidents and/or accidents while in the area, including maintaining a safe speed.

  9. The parking lot is for parking and unloading only with a maximum speed limit of 5 MPH. No speeding, tricks, or horseplay permitted.

  10. Firearms or weapons of any kind are prohibited except during hunting seasons.

  11. Parking is permitted in designated areas only.

  12. Stay on marked trails. Stay within the posted area of the AOAA.

    • Expect oncoming traffic and always be courteous and utilize proper trail etiquette.

  13. Camping is not permitted on AOAA property. ONLY AT TRAILHEAD CAMP GROUND 570-495-4453

  14. TREAD LIGHTLY and be respectful of other users.

  • Pack it in- Pack it out. Remove all litter.



  1. Everyone must wear an DOT approved helmet and protective eye wear (goggles, face shield, glasses, etc.). NO BICYCLE HELMETS!

  2. Wear protective footwear---no open toes or sandals permitted.

  3. Recommended rider gear ---gloves, chest protector, long pants and long sleeve shirts.

  4. No passengers unless the unit is manufactured for the driver and a passenger.

  5. We recommend riding in groups of 2 (two) or more.

  6. The number of passengers carried on a side-by-side utility type vehicle shall be limited by the number of manufacturer installed seat belts.



All full-size vehicles must have the following: MUST TRAVEL IN GROUPS OF TWO OR MORE

  • Proper roll-over protection to include the passengers.

  • Battery tie down (no bungee cords).

  • Seat belts for everyone in the vehicles, fire extinguisher and trash bag for liquid spills.

  • At least one tow point (example: tow hook or receiver hitch)

  • Front and rear tow points are mandatory for the harder trails along with a winch and locker.



  1. Starting or maintaining a fire except in a designated fire pit, grill or stove.

  2. Damaging or removing, in whole or in part, a living or dead tree, shrub or plant.

  3. Damaging, or removing rock, shale, sand, clay, soil or other mineral product, natural object or material.

  4. Feeding wildlife.

  5. Dumping, litter, trash, refuse, garbage, bottles, or pollutants.

  6. Disorderly conduct of any kind.

Failure to comply with AOAA rules, regulations and safe operating procedures may result in arrest, fines, temporary or permanent banning from using the facility.  A full set of official rules are available at the Trailhead.  All official rules must be followed.

Emergency Contact numbers:


AOAA Trailhead

(570) 648-2626


Emergencies dial - 911



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