February 03, 2016

Grant Grows AOAA by 200 Acres

State Grant Expands Adventure Area

The Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) will be expanding by approximately 200 acres after receiving a state grant for $117,000, state Sen. John R. Gordner and Rep. Kurt Masser jointly announced Wednesday.

The funds, approved by the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources through the Community Conservation Partnership Program, will add 164 acres along the western portion of the AOAA and 36 acres along the Eastern Reserve.

The land is in Coal, East Cameron and West Cameron townships and both tracts have numerous trails for development. The addition along the western portion of the AOAA will provide continuous connectivity to the Eastern Reserve.

“We’re all excited about it,” said AOAA Operations Director David Porzi.

Gordner and Masser voiced ongoing support for the park, which sold more than 9,100 passes last year to off-road riders.

“The AOAA has not only provided additional recreational activity in eastern Northumberland County, it has spurred economic development and activity in an area where it is sorely needed,” said Gordner.

“I have been pleased to support the AOAA since its inception,” said Masser. “The state has also recognized its importance with continued funding.”

Story appeared in the Shamokin News-Item.


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