AOAA Rules

In order to keep our riding experience safe and family friendly, we ask that you follow our trail rules. We also have a printable version of our rules.

Failure to comply with the rules, regulations and safe operating procedures may result in arrest, fines, temporary or permanent banning from using the area or participating in any future activities or events and may result in forfeiture of any permit costs or other costs already paid to the AOAA.

Before You Ride

  1. All visitors to the AOAA must check-in at the Welcome Center before using the area.
  2. All trail users must have a valid AOAA Permit.
  3. Provide proof of valid ATV Registration. We will honor other state-issued registrations.
  4. Provide photo ID. Anyone without Photo ID must provide proof of age or have a legal guardian’s consent.
  5. All riders must use designated entrances only.
  6. All riders and passengers must complete and sign the liability waiver!
  7. All riders/passengers under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian sign the liability waiver
  8. At least one person in each riding group must have a charged and working cell phone in their possession. Dial 911 for all emergencies.
  9. For your safety, all riders are required to be in groups of two or more.

All Rider Rules

  1. The user permit is to be affixed to the left side of user’s helmet below the goggle line at all times. Users who wish to transfer the permit to another helmet may do so in person by contacting an AOAA Authority Member or staff member. On full size vehicle the permit will be placed on the left front fender area. All riders must carry liability insurance at a minimum. Proof of that insurance must be carried with you when you ride.
  2. All users must abide by all laws of the Commonwealth of Pa. and the local municipalities and must follow ATV rules issued by DCNR.
  3. No passengers on any ATV unless the ATV is manufactured for the driver and a passenger. 
  4. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be carried onto or consumed on the AOAA property. Coolers can be inspected at any time to enforce this rule.
  5. Firearms or weapons of any kind are prohibited. During posted hunting seasons on the AOAA property, appropriate firearms or bows would be allowed.
  6. Sound intensity produced by all vehicles are subject to sound testing and must include a spark arrestor. Provisions may be made for special events.
  7. Parking is permitted in designated areas only.
  8. No person may enter the AOAA except through designated entrances and during posted days and hours of operation.
  9. Obey all signs, gates and barriers.
  10. Stay on marked trails. Stay within the posted area of the AOAA.
  11. Do not enter a “no trail, “no entry” or gated area.
  12. No person shall drive any vehicle unless that person meets the minimum age recommendation specified by the ATV/UTV manufacturer for the ATV/UTV that is being driven.
  13. All speed limits are to be obeyed and always drive or ride at a speed reasonable for the conditions.
  14. Stop when signaled by a Staff Member.
  15. No camping is permitted.
  16. TREAD LIGHTLY and be respectful of other users.

ATV and Motorcycle

  1. Everyone must wear a DOT approved helmet and protective eye wear, such as goggles, full face shield or glasses, etc. NO BICYCLE HELMETS!
  2. Wear protective footwear---no open toes or sandals permitted.
  3. Wear seat belts at all times if your vehicle was originally manufactured with them.
  4. Recommended ATV rider gear ---Gloves, chest protector, long pants and long sleeve shirts.
  5. All riders must keep hands on the handlebars and feet on the pegs at all times.
  6. The parking lot is for parking and unloading only with a maximum speed limit of 5 MPH. No speeding, tricks, or horseplay permitted.
  7. Travel is permitted on designated routes only. Blazing new trails is strictly prohibited and can lead to disciplinary action including ejection from the facility.
  8. All vehicles must operate in a manner to avoid incidents and/or accidents.
  9. All off road vehicle drivers must follow the vehicle manufacturer’s safe operating procedures.
  10. Please expect oncoming traffic and always be courteous and utilize proper trail etiquette.
  11. Ride the trails appropriate for your machine and skill level.
  12. For your safety, all riders are required to be in groups of two or more.
  13. Non-operative vehicles should be moved to the side of the trails and attended to immediately.
  14. If you find yourself in need of a winch, please use tree saver straps on an appropriate size tree to protect the scenic beauty of the trail. Under no circumstances is the cutting of any tree permissible.
  15. The Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Authority is neither liable nor responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal property or injury to riders or visitors.

Side-by-side Utility Vehicles (UTV)

  1. Everyone must wear a DOT approved helmet and protective eye wear, such as goggles, full face shield or glasses, etc. NO BICYCLE HELMETS!
  2. Side-by-side utility type vehicles operated upon the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area trail system shall be subject to all of the safety rules and regulations of the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Authority and shall also be subject to the following safety rules specifically applying to side-by-side utility vehicles.
  3. The number of passengers carried on a side-by-side utility type vehicle shall be limited by the number of manufacturer installed seat belts or as approved by an Authority member, the executive director or a designee.
  4. All riders must keep their hands, arms, feet, head and legs inside the vehicle at all times during operation.
  5. Follow all rules and regulations identified in UTV owner’s manual and rules and regulations.
  6. Utility type vehicles can only be operated on designated trails.
  7. Machines may not be self-constructed or substantially modified from manufacturer’s specifications. Final say will be governed by an Authority Member, the executive director or a designee.
  8. Units should be equipped with ROPS (Roll-Over Protection System) from the manufacturer or a suitable after market replacement that meets or exceeds after market expectations.
  9. Machines must be equipped with manufacturer seat belts and must be in good working order.

Full-Size Vehicles Safety Requirements:

All full-size vehicles must have the following:

  1. At least one tow point (example: tow hook or receiver hitch)
  2. Proper roll-over protection to include the passengers.
  3. Battery tie down (no bungee cords).
  4. Seat belts for everyone in the vehicles, fire extinguisher and trash bag for liquid spills.
  5. Front and rear tow points are mandatory for the harder trails along with a winch and locker.
  6. Must travel in groups of two or more!

Prohibited Activities:

  1. Starting or maintaining a fire except in a designated fire pit, grill or stove. Leaving a fire unattended. Disposing hot charcoal except in a facility designated for charcoal disposal.
  2. Cutting, picking, digging, damaging or removing, in whole or in part, a living or dead tree, shrub or plant.
  3. Damaging, defacing, cutting or removing rock, shale, sand, clay, soil or other mineral product, natural object or material.
  4. Feeding wildlife.
  5. Releases of any type of animal on AOAA grounds..
  6. Depositing, dumping or causing to be deposited or dumped, litter, trash, refuse, garbage, bottles, and pollutants.
  7. Disposing material that was not accumulated during use of the AOAA.
  8. Disorderly conduct of any kind.

The following activities are prohibited without written permission of the County or Authority:

  1. Engaging in construction or excavation.
  2. Possessing, discharging or causing to be discharged a firecracker, explosive, torpedo, rocket or other pyrotechnical material.
  3. Using a chain saw.
  4. Engaging in commercial activity.
  5. Posting or displaying a sign or printed matter.
  6. Soliciting funds.
  7. Removing or disturbing a historical or archeological artifact, relic, or object.
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