Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Western Reserve opening?

A 15-mile trail in the Western Reserve opened in November 2015. More trails will continue to be opened and extended over time.

Do you have overnight accommodations/camping nearby?

There are have camping and overnight accommodations nearby, but none on-site. We hope to have on-site camping in the near future. For a list of nearby overnight accommodations and camping options, please visit our Where to Stay page.

Does it matter how I access the trails if I have a pass (can I access anytime and anywhere)?

All guests, including annual pass holders, are required to check in at the trailhead before riding.

Where can I eat?

We have a variety of restaurants nearby and you’re welcome to leave your trailer in our parking lot while you venture out for lunch or dinner. For a list of nearby places to eat, please visit our Where to Eat page

Why aren’t there any on-site camping facilities? When will there be on-site camping facilities?

There were not any camping grounds on-site when the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) opened, and we’ve been focused on getting our trail system established. Moving forward, we hope to have on-site camping facilities. You can see a list of nearby camping and accommodations on our Where to Stay page.

Where can I get gas?

There is a Turkey Hill Minit Mart located in downtown Shamokin (140 W Lincoln St, Shamokin, PA 17872) that can accommodate large trucks and trailers.

Do you have a wash station?

We do not have a wash station on-premises, but there is a car wash less than five miles from our trails where you can take your vehicles.

  • Mid-Towne Car Wash
  • 29 N 5th St.
  • Shamokin, PA 17872

Do I need insurance and registration?

Yes.  All riders must have, at the minimum, liability insurance. Proof of that insurance must be in your possession when you ride.

You must also provide provide proof of valid ATV Registration. We honor out-of-state  registrations.

What are your hours?

For our most up-to-date hours of operation, please visit our hours page

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